When you are having a party, your party table has to be just so. It could be that you like the tableware to match in colour or design. However what about those fun little extras to entertain your party guests. Whether you are a child or adult we all like a little bit of party table fun.

Here are a few little items which could be Party Essentials which will bring more fun and laughter to your guests.

Party Hats

Bring colour to your guests with party hats from a small table of guests to a large party of guests. You can get different types of hats but the easiest to get are the basic cardboard party hats. The classic cone hats are a lot of fun and come in some fantastically bright, metallic and holographic/prismatic colours so you can colour coordinate the hats for your table or just have a wonderful mish mash of colour.
For the large party of guests large packs of hats in different shapes such as the cone, fez, top hat and peaked hats. More often than not are sold in metallic/prismatic card with bits of tinsel or crepe paper to add a more decorative look to them.
For children you can get the cone hats in some of the most loved cartoon designs such as Toy story, Spiderman or basic princess. For the little girls rather than the cone shape they may be a pack of tiaras.


These lovely little noise makers are a classic party table prop. Coming in metallic or paper they are a sweet little device which you blow into the plastic mouth piece and the paper rolls out at the same time making a little noise. They are quite entertaining and a big hit especially with children. They can also be used for children’s parties to put in their party favour bags. Another noise make you may prefer to the blowouts are party horns, these have a plastic mouth piece and a cone shaped cardboard piece attached.

Rocket Balloons

The Rocket balloon is a long colourfully patterned balloon which you generally get as a packet of two. Also in the packet you will get a plastic mouth piece. Once the balloon has been stretched a little attach the mouth piece and blow the balloon up. Once it has been blown up hold the end and remove the plastic end. Let go and watch it fly around the room making crazy squeaking noises.

Glow Products

From glow sticks to glow bracelets they are always a great item to have for the table. Once the lights have gone down for the dancing to begin they will really come in to play. Just bend the item slightly; this will crack the chemicals inside to set them off glowing. Dance the night away whilst glowing in the dark.

Whether you choose to have some of all of these products or just a few for more fun, your party will surely be a hit. Enjoy the party with all the fun and frolics of the party table extras and enjoy the company of your Guests.

Organising a kid’s birthday party is a huge responsibly for most parents and getting the theme right is probably the hardest thing. Children change their favourite thing on a daily basis so trying to keep up with them and what they like is almost impossible, so we have put together a list of the most popular themes of the moment which hopefully will inspire you.

Usually your child’s ‘favourite thing’ is based on the latest trend, TV character or latest film releases so how about some of these great Party Tableware ideas…

Muppets Most Wanted

The next instalment of The Muppets movie is due for release on March 28th. The Muppets have made a big come back over the last couple of years and children have grown to love Kermit and Miss Piggy as much as the mums and dads did back in the day. Party tableware and decorations, and even fancy dress costumes, can now be bought or a Muppets themed party.

Online gaming apps are still as huge as ever and this still applies to the sensational Angry Birds. A theme suited to children of most ages this range of matching tableware and decorations would be the perfect choice for gaming mad kids. Bright coloured and fun the kids will love that their party is themed around a computer game. And for a bit of peace on quiet on party day you can leave the kids playing the game.

Another film release based theme, a Lego party would be the ideal choice for creative children who love to play. Basing a birthday party on a Lego theme could not be easier. Use party tableware and decorations featuring cool Lego City scenes; make your own Lego building block cake and base games around building and creative competitions.  Hey presto, an instant theme that the kids and their friends will love.


One of the latest ranges in party supplies is the Furby range. Themed around the cute electronic pet that recently came back on the market this Furby range of party products and supplies makes the perfect theme for boys and girls of all ages. Brightly coloured Furby products can be mixed with plain coloured party supplies and would be an especially good theme if the birthday girl or boys gift is an actual Furby!!

Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy Party Supplies

The latest Tinkerbell film has just been released in the cinemas and has been a huge hit. Combining the cute and popular Tinkerbell character with fun pirates can be a perfect mix for both boys and girl’s themed parties, and a great choice for twins! Mix and match the tableware from Tinkerbell to pirates for a fun theme for kids of all ages.

These are just 5 out of many children’s party themes that are out there but hopefully it has offered plenty of inspiration to parents that are dreading the upcoming birthday party! But do not worry, it will all fall into place and you will have a successful, fun and hopefully stress free party!

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